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Create excellent service enterprise, produce customer satisfied products, and establish the domestic famous brand.



The Company is completely responsible for the product, and customers are completely satisfied with our services.


The inspection pass rate of the whole vehicle is more than 92%, and it is increased more than 1% annually for three years.

The ex-factory pass rate of the whole vehicle is 100%.

The customer satisfaction is more than 90%, and it is increased more than 1% annually for three years.



Under the condition that the user abides by the operation instruction and operates the product normally, within one year since purchasing the vehicle (subject to the vehicle delivery registration card) and the driving mileage does not exceeds 25000km, the written data of product part damage caused by the design, manufacturing and assembly reason shall be submitted to the after-sales department of our Company within three working days after being authenticated by vehicle service station and supervision department, and three guarantees service is carried out after being confirmed by the after-sales department.

The specific service is as follows:

1. The product quality majors in repairing during the period of three guarantees service, and the repairing cost is free (not including quick-wear part and appliance part)

2. Lifetime warranty The product exceeding the warranty period shall be charged with the related cost if replacing accessory.

3. Free training operators

(1) Our factory shall arrange senior engineer for site guidance to teach operators to learn theory and practical operation;

(2) Master the basic theory, performance and function of the special vehicle;

(3) Operate skillfully according to the program;

(4) Conduct normal daily maintenance and eliminate common technical faults.






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